Who is the Richest Actor in Nigeria

Acting has turned out to be a very lucrative business in Nigeria, after existing for a long time. In the early days of movie production in Nigeria, actors made very little from movies.

Even with this, they still kept on pushing to better the name of acting in Nigeria. It is quite safe to say that they laid the foundation of what current actors are enjoying.

Then, if you were interested in acting, and peradventure started, it would take a very long time to reach the limelight, then to start making a lot. Otherwise is the case now.

Every day, we watch movies having new characters. Almost everyone now wants to engage in this craft. Since it is well-paying, why will you not want to be involved? There is absolutely no reason.

A lot of Nigerian actors, through their immense wealth, have shown us that acting should now be considered a full-time career. It is paying well if you give it your all. I would have loved to talk more about it, but that will be a story for another day.

You must have been wondering who could be the wealthiest amongst these actors in Nigeria. If you are, then you should read this. To educate you better, I will make a list of the top 10 richest Nigerian actors, and short stories about them.

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Actors

  1. Jim Iyke
  2. Chidi Mokeme
  3. Richard More Damijo
  4. Segun Arinze
  5. Desmond Elliot
  6. Kenneth Okonkwo
  7. Ramsey Nouah
  8. John Okafor
  9. Nkem Owoh
  10. Chinedu Ikedieze

The number 1 on this list is Jim Iyke. This is to show that Jim Iyke is the Richest Actor in Nigeria at the moment. Who knows? Someone else might overtake him from behind. For the time being, however, he holds the spot.

How did he come about all of these? Jim Iyke is just a short name carved out from James Ikechukwu Esomugha. Ikechukwu started his acting career in 2001. That’s quite a long time ago.

So far, Jim Iyke has featured in over 150 movies. He created his record label and movie production company in 2007. Jim Iyke is amongst the highest-paid Nigerian actors, and this has been a great source of income for him.

However, Jim is also involved in other businesses, and this ensures he is not only depending on his acting career. He has been doing this for a long time and has not failed.

James Ikechukwu is worth over 10 million naira. You might be wondering if he has gathered all of these from just acting. This is a question that we can not answer ourselves. The only public source of income of Jim Iyke that we know is acting.

I also believe he is into other businesses which he didn’t or doesn’t even have any intention to make public. You can use this as a source of inspiration to yourself, rather than oppression.

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