Who Is The Best Musician In Nigeria

In the whole of Africa and many parts of the world, Nigerian music is widely accepted, due to its rich and fine-tune. The conventional Naija music is known as AfroBeats, and almost every Nigerian artist boasts of bringing this movement to the world.

The origination of AfroBeats dates back to the ’60s when late Fela Anikulapo was doing music. This was where the concept “AfroBeats” all began. Nowadays, Nigerian artists boast they are making the same type of music, while some have gone ahead to craft out a new genre from the parent genre.

Derivations from AfroBeats include; AfroPop, Afro-Fusion, AfroTrap, and many others. The artists behind these were intentional about blending our native AfroBeats with other music genres of the world.

The main question now is, “Who is the best musician in Nigeria at the moment?” When Fela was still alive, he was considered the greatest Nigerian musician. Even after his death, he is still being worshipped. Every year, he is celebrated at his shrine.

This program is called Felaboration. People from around the world who have been touched by the gospel of Fela’s music come down to Nigeria to celebrate his existence. This has been the norm for a long time now.

Is it Davido? Is it Wizkid? Is it Olamide or even the African giant, Burna Boy? These are all questions that need answers. Since you are reading this, an answer will be provided to it here.

After studying the music pattern of top Nigerian Musicians to see who can make it to the top spot, I discovered that only a few out of these artists compose their songs. The norm nowadays is to purchase a song written by someone else and cook it up in the studio.

A very good example of a Nigerian artiste who does this is Davido. Once an artist writes his or her music, you will notice the same kind of lyrical pattern in most of their songs. This is not the case with Davido.

It is not a bad thing as all is still music. David is very good when it comes to refining songs not self-written. His unique style of music has given him that spot he truly deserves.

Moving to another Nigerian artiste, but this time, a lyrical beast, Burna Boy. It might seem like Burna Boy has his best year in 2020, because that was when he became what he is today. Oluwaburna started music alongside Davido and Wizkid but just caught up with them recently.

Burna Boy created his style of music and named it AfroFusion. He described AfroFusion as the blending of AfroBeats and AfroPop. Other Nigerian Musicians like Omah Lay have taken up this style of music too.

Another Artiste to look at is Olamide. Olamide is an indigenous rapper, who has recently explored voicing and has created crazy hits with them. His recent album, UY Skuti is an embodiment of the wonders vocals can perform.

Not to see him as the last, nor the best, but Wizkid is one of a kind. Wizkid has made a perfect example of what it feels like to be consistent. The truth is I don’t see him as the best musician as most people do, but I give him his accolades.

I will use this medium to advise Nigerians to stop creating competitions amongst musicians. They are all doing their best and beefing about them will not help issues at all. The sky is always enough for every bird to fly.

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