What to drink to last longer in bed

Research has shown that less than 20% of men globally last for up to an hour in bed. The fun fact is that the remaining 80% last for about 1 to 10 minutes.

As a guy, you might feel if you don’t last so long in bed, your lady will not be satisfied. This is true, to an extent. Women take longer to reach orgasm than men, so it’s quite normal for the male to attain orgasm first.

Science has proven that men take an average of 10 minutes to ejaculate. If you ejaculate at a lesser time interval, don’t feel too bad about yourself. It could still be normal. Women on the other hand take up plenty of minutes(or hour) before achieving orgasm.

What’s sex if one party isn’t satisfied? It could even cause issues between the two parties. I do not blame men seeking solutions to help them last longer in bed. If you are reading this, I’ll show you the solution.

Did you know that premature ejaculation is very common, and just a few men dare to speak to health practitioners about it? This is the best place where you can get your answers because no one will criticize you nor will you feel ashamed of yourself.

Drinks to help you last longer in bed.

After my research and of course, real tests, I have decided to share the secret to healthy manhood with you. With these drinks, I can assure you that you will last longer than you ever expected.

  1. Water
  2. Watermelon
  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Milk
  5. Banana shake
  6. Pomegranate juice
  7. Strawberry Smoothie

These drinks have proven to tackle premature ejaculation in men, without any side effects. You might feel there will be side effects if you take them before having sex, but I can assure you that they are 100% safe to use.

As you can see, they are 100% organic products, so they possess not even the tiniest risk. If you still feel there might be side effects, I will advise you to go on another therapy which I will be discussing next.

What to drink to last longer in bed

Asides from taking drinks to help boost your sexual libido, there is something else you can do to help. It’s simple, exercise! Physical exercise has proven to solve many medical issues, including premature ejaculation.

When you engage in lots of physical exercises and drink plenty of water, there is a 90% chance you’ll last longer in bed. I can’t tell how long, as that solely depends on how much you exercise.

You can as well double your sexual libido by engaging in physical exercise and also taking the drinks which I have mentioned earlier. They will help a lot. That’s an assurance.

To wrap this up, I’ll disclose something to help your sex life with your partner. Sex isn’t just about penetration. There’s a lot more to it. There’s the cuddling stage, the foreplay, oral sex before the main penetration.

When you do all these during sex, you tend to help your female partner attain orgasm faster. Now, you don’t have to worry about not satisfying her during sexual intercourse.

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