How Much Is Tecno Spark 5 In Nigeria?

As with many recently launched mobile phones, there is a plethora of wrong/outdated information online about the actual price of most Tecno spark series.

Unfortunately, we won’t be looking at all the production lineup under the spark series, but if you’ve been searching for the latest price of the Tecno spark five smartphones in the Nigerian market, then this is the right place.

For one thing, The Tecno Spark 5 tapped into newer trends for smartphones to become quite a satisfactory successor, along with Spark 5 Pro & 5 Air, to the Tecno Spark 4 launched in the previous year.

Having considered the design, improved display, and bigger battery, it is time to know how affordable the smartphone is, as averred by many Tecno enthusiasts.

The cost of buying Tecno Spark 5 in Nigeria today

After going on sale in May 2020 and becoming available to the Nigerian market, the price of Tecno Spark 5 Price in Nigeria started around N54,500 thereabouts. However, the current cost of buying Tecno Spark 5 in Nigeria, as seen in many online and offline stores, is anywhere between N60,000 and N65,000 at most.

As mentioned earlier, the Chinese-manufactured smartphone was launched alongside Spark 5 Pro & 5 Air, and their respective cost relatively varies. Tecno Spark 5 air in Nigeria starts from N50,000, while that of spark 5 Pro in Nigeria is around 55,000 naira.

Please note that the above prices are considered starting figures, that is, the least you’d see them being sold for in the Nigerian market at the moment.

Tecno spark 5 review – Key features to focus on

Over the years, we’ve noticed that whenever an average Nigerian smartphone user is considering an Andriod device to buy, they focus more on the benefits than the features. And this is essential when reviewing a smartphone such as the Spark 5. How?

The Spark series all look familiar, but Tecno knows how to do their assignment and integrate a little difference to serve as a unique selling point, and this was clearly seen after observing the Spark 5 and comparing it with previous phones in the lineup.

For example, the spark 5 features 6.6-inch IPS LCD, offering 720 x 1600 pixels (266 PPI) with an Android 10 update ( HIOS 6.1). In addition, the phone flaunts 2GB RAM and 32GB Built-in Storage, which is supported with a memory card.

Users of this phone will enjoy the 5000mAh Non-Removable Li-ion Battery, 13MP + 2MP + 2MP + QVGA Quad Rear Camera, plus 8MP Front Camera with a Fingerprint Sensor at the back for improved security lock as features in virtually all modern smartphones.

Is Tecno Spark 5 worth buying?

What actually cut the expectation of everyone upon the launch of the Tecno spark 5 was that it offers 4G connectivity and not 5G as the Operating System is Hios 6.1 based on Android Q.

All things being considered, the Tecno spark 5 isn’t a bad decision for an average smartphone user who is looking for a budget-friendly android and still enjoys the essential features of modern technology in mobile devices.


Now that you know how much the Tecno spark 5 is being sold for in the Nigerian markets, we hope your buying decision becomes more seamless.

We also recommend that you compare prices by checking out popular online and offline mobile device stores to get the best deals for buying the Tecno spark 5.

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