How to write an application letter in Nigeria

The number of graduates in search of jobs in Nigeria has been on the rise for a long time now. As there are new graduates, it keeps on piling up without any job options for them. This doesn’t mean they aren’t fit or well qualified for the jobs.

Over time, I have come to realize that there are plenty of reasons why many unemployed graduates are roaming on the streets, with their CVs. From my in-depth research, inexperience is one of the causes of this.

During job interviews, many employers lookout for job experience amongst the job applicants. No one would allow a novice to handle a delicate position in a job setting. This could be risky for the employer and we’ll as the business.

There are thousands of graduates with little or no experience in their specific fields of study. All they know is the theoretical aspect without any practical knowledge of the field in view. You will agree with me that it could be dangerous to employ someone like this.

Due to this, there was an integration of a one-year compulsory Industrial Training (IT) into the curriculum of tertiary institutions. This helped ensure that graduates already had thorough practical knowledge in their field before going into the labor market.

To an extent, a cause for unemployment has been solved. Another cause of unemployment that is affecting many graduates is their inability to write applications to job firms.

It takes great skill to write a standard application letter that will grab the attention of any employer in Nigeria. They lookout for a lot of things asides from your CV and high school grades.

The application letter is what gets to the employer first. This is the first impression. An employer can read your application letter and not even bother to open your CV. He/she has seen what is needed in the application letter already.

In this article, I will teach you how you can write an application letter that will make any employer request your presence immediately. Sounds like an exaggeration? Yeah, it should. Let’s see how you can do that.

How do I write my Application letter?

In just 10 minutes, you will put up a standard application letter, making you worry less about getting rejected again. You might have been getting rejections from different firms in the past, but this will make a difference if you read and apply every technique mentioned.

First, your address is important. You should remember vividly the steps of writing a formal letter back then in school. Since this is a formal letter, it must contain two addresses. The first address should be yours while the second should be the address of the recipient.

Here is a mistake that most people make when writing application letters. They tend to include the names of the recipient, which is not needed at all. Instead of the recipient’s name, write the position he/she occupies at the firm and include the name of the firm and address.

Now, you move to the next part which is the title. I need not talk much about this as it is self-explanatory. You should include the title. For this, you must include the post you are applying for in the company.

The next is the introduction. For the introduction, you don’t need to make greetings or ask about the well-being of the recipient. It’s not a letter to your Uncle! The introduction should strictly be how you got the vacancy information and your intention in the company.

Now, I feel this is the most important part of the letter as it contains what most employers look out for. The body of the letter. Here, you can let the recipient know about your degree, where you got it, your experience, and most importantly, what you are offering to the growth of the company.

Then, your conclusion can come in. And please don’t forget to write your name in full and include your signature. This is very important.

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