How Much Is Spark 7 Pro In Nigeria?

With a promise to offer users an amazing smartphone experience, the Spark 7 pro was announced and released sometime in May 2021 as an upgrade of the already excelling Tecno Spark 7.

As with many ‘pro’ versions of smartphones, the Spark 7 pro brought additional features and specifications which indicate a slight improvement in both internal and external details, but still worthy of note.

One of the challenging choices to make when picking phones to buy, especially ones like the spark series to whether to just spend your money on Spark 7 or add extra nairas to get the Spark 7 pro.

While preference has a huge role to play in this decision-making, the cost of each of these variants is also a major determinant. Hence, how much is the Tecno spark 7 pro? Let’s find out.

Latest price of Spark 7 pro in Nigerian stores

The Tecno spark 7 Pro was brought to the Nigerian market shortly after the Spark 7 was already available. So before the former was available for Nigerian customers, we were able to predict the cost of Spark 7 pro after considering the price of the normal Spark 7, and our estimation wasn’t far from accurate.

Well if you want to buy Spark 7 pro in Nigerian stores today, online or offline, expect to pay anywhere between N50,750 and N61,250 depending on the location and condition around your purchase.

Please note that this price is subject to change at any time because there are newly launched models under the Tecno smartphone lineup that appear to have suppressed the spotlights of some spark series thereby reducing their value in terms of price in the market.

Spark 7 pro key features and specifications

Tecno Spark 7 Pro has a variant of 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage and so the price of the phone will vary depending on the variant you opt for. Nevertheless, both options are considered relatively affordable compared to other phones of its class under other brands.

Looking at its features, Spark 7 Pro is available for purchase in different colors and appearances including Alps Blue, Spruce Green, Neon Dream, and Magnet Black.

Its camera setup includes a 48 MP Triple rear camera and 8 MP selfie camera and the display supports up to 720 x 1600 pixels resolution and has a screen size of 6.6″ inches.

Equipped with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, The Performance of Tecno Spark 7 Pro is based on MediaTek G80 (12 nm) Chipset and Mali-G52 MC2 GPU.

Is Spark 7 Pro worth buying?

As I mentioned earlier, it can be quite challenging to decide whether to buy the ‘pro’ version of an Andriod device such as the Spark 7 production line.

But if you are considering Spark 7 pro, you want to be sure it suits your needs and matches what you are looking for in your new phone. In other words, whether or not the Spark 7 pro is a sure bet all boils down to you and what you are looking for.

In this light, keep in mind that SPark 7 Pro is highly appreciated by Tecno’s fans due to its internal specs, screen size, camera setup, battery timing, and Tecno Spark 7 Pro mobile performance.

If this sounds like something you appreciate as well, you won’t go wrong by choosing this phone. Notwithstanding, I recommend you check other Techno newly launched phones and then compare prices.

Final thoughts

Now that you know the current price of buying a new Tecno Spark 7 Pro in Nigeria today, and have taken a glace at its key features and specification, it is my belief that it’d become less difficult for you to make informed decisions while purchasing your next phone if you consider the Spark series.

Have a nice day.

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