How Much Is PS3 In Nigeria?

Even though the PlayStation 3 gaming console isn’t the latest of its kind, it remains an affordable and entertaining game for the whole family and has won the interest of many video game lovers which reflects in its market value as we speak.

Being the 7th generation console built for the platform, the Sony PS3 currently faces the problem of availability as newer versions of the console have overshadowed its presence in the market.

However, if you are considering buying a PS3 console today, you should note that the prices vary depending on the store or dealer. The good news is that there is an average price for it.

So, how much should you expect to budget to get a PS3 in Nigeria today?

The latest cost of buying PS3 in Nigeria today

There is no generally accepted price currently to buy PS3 in the Nigerian market as the cost is usually determined by the store, internal memory of the console, and other factors like place and period of purchase.

For instance, the video game is available in 160GB, 250GB, 320GB, and 500GB built-in storage and all come at slightly different prices.

But on average, expect to pay anywhere between NGN 65,000 to NGN 90,000 to get a brand new PS3 gaming console in the Nigerian market today.

To get the best deals, it is not ideal to consider buying console games during festive seasons, holidays, or year endings as prices are often skyrocketed by dealers during these periods.

What about used PS3 gaming consoles?

Fairly used PS3 consoles are more available today in most Nigerian stores than brand new ones. This is chiefly because newer versions of the Sony innovation have diverted the interest of video gamers. And so, those who upgraded to PS4 and PS5 will be willing to auction their old PS3 for sale.

There is no bad thing in getting a used PS3 as it’s just like getting a London-used smartphone in the market, only that you have to ensure it is in the right condition and functions well. Above all, you want to make sure the price it is sold for is worth it.

Generally speaking, a used PS3 console can be purchased anywhere from around NGN28,000 to NGN50,000.

The price is influenced by the condition and other factors such as the number of games already installed in it as well as your dealership.

Final thoughts on PS3 price in Nigeria

So far, we have been able to address the current price of PS3 in the Nigerian market today, including brand new and fairly used ones.

As mentioned earlier, these figures shouldn’t be considered as the ballpark price because there are a lot of factors that come to play when buying a gaming console, thereby influencing the market price.

The demand for PS3 drastically dropped after the succeeding PS4 was launched and available to Nigerians. Despite this, there are still many people who find interest or can only afford to purchase the PS3 model.

Whatever the case may be, I hope this precise article has given you headway towards planning your next budget to cart a brand new or used PS3 gaming console here in Nigeria.

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