How much is iPhone 12 pro max in Nigeria?

Following the release of the new Apple series, the iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 series has now become an attraction to many Nigerians. The reason for this is very clear.

When a new iPhone series is launched, there is usually a significant drop in the price of the previous series. We’ve encountered this over and over again and I can tell you that this is when people purchase phones the most.

The iPhone 12 series which was launched on the 23rd of October 2020, record massive sales even without coming with a power adapter. The previous models which included the iPhone X and 11 series came with power adapters and USB-C cables in the phone pack.

There was a page flip on the 12 series. Asides from the absence of the power adapters, the iPhone 12 had a Super Retina XDR OLED as opposed to the Liquid Retina LED-backlit LCD IPS panel on the iPhone 11 and XR.

Also, there were changes like the introduction of 5G support, MagSafe, Apple A14 Bionic system on a chip, high dynamic range video Dolby Vision 4k and a new Mini model.

As regards this article, I will be focusing on the iPhone 12 pro max. This will include how much you can get it. You should be expecting full information about this here.

Before we move further, I will divide the next piece into two parts. One will disclose how much you can get a brand new iPhone 12 pro max and the other will be how much you can get a fairly used iPhone 12 pro max.

How much can I get a brand new iPhone 12 pro max in Nigeria?

To the best of my knowledge, there are three significant variants of the iPhone 12 pro max, depending on their storage and sim allocation capacity. They include;

  • iPhone 12 pro max Dual-5G (256GB ROM, 6GB RAM) 850
  • iPhone 12 pro max 5G (256 GB ROM, 6 GB RAM) 780
  • iPhone 12 pro max 5G (128 GB ROM, 6GB RAM) 700

I believe you might be a little surprised it’s not more than this. Yes, this is all! The other variants you might be seeing elsewhere are just simple modifications. The most important feature that segregates iPhones is their storage capacity, and that is what I have outlined here.

Now, we already know how the variants of the iPhone 12 pro max, next are to disclose the average price of each. I will be revealing their prices in the same order in which they have been outlined above.

The first is the 12 Pro max Dual costs an average of eight hundred and fifty thousand naira (N850,000). The 12 Pro Max Single (256GB) costs Seven hundred and eighty thousand naira (N780,000).

The last on the list which is the iPhone 12 Pro max (128GB) costs Seven hundred thousand naira (N700,000) only. These are the prices at which you’ll get brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max variants.

How much can I get a fairly used iPhone 12 Pro Max in Nigeria?

Many people prefer buying fairly used iPhones, UK-used precisely. These iPhones are of course cheaper but they do not come with accessories. This means that you have to get them on your own.

Unfortunately, you won’t find how much you can get UK-used iPhone 12 Pro Max here. This is because there are different sellers and they fix their prices based on several factors. Average prices won’t work here as the individual prices might be too far apart.

However, for the prices of the new iPhone 12 pro max, you can rely on what we have provided you as they are 100% up-to-date. If an update is needed at any time, we’ll do all that from our end.

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