How much is Infinix Hot 8 in Nigeria

Launched in September 2019, the Infinix Hot 8 is the immediate successor of the Infinix Hot 7 and recorded massive sales immediately after release. The Infinix Hot series became more popular after its release. It’s safe to say it was a game-changer for the mobile phone company.

Want to know why this device is still a source of attraction for many Nigerians? Don’t go too far… I’ll disclose that here. Many beautiful features make the Infinix Hot 8 a perfect mobile phone for the Nigerian market. I promise to make it as brief as possible.

Notable features of the Infinix Hot 8

  • Bigger and Better Battery: Unlike previous models of the Infinix Hot series, the Infinix Hot 8 comes with an upgraded battery to help you stream movies and music all day long without having to worry about a low battery. The 5000mAH capacity ensures you don’t need to recharge your device for up to 4 days of use.
  • Rapid Phone charge: As I said earlier, you can use the Infinix Hot 8 device for up to 4 days without charging. With this, it is reasonable to think that the device will take so long to charge up, but the reverse is the case. The Infinix Hot 8 takes only 3 hours to charge fully with the 2A fast charge option and you can enjoy your device for as long as you like.
  • Bigger Screen for Enhanced Entertainment: Looking for a bigger screen to help you enjoy watching movies with a theatre-like experience? Oh, this should be your best pick. The 6.6″ HD+ screen also allows you to enjoy gaming in a whole new style on the extended immersive screen, making most of the graphic details within the phone visible to you. Imagine what you could do with a screen resolution of 720/1600 and a slim body…Oh, the views are endless.
  • Game Mode Mobile Optimization, Faster, and More Immersive: Here is something that will be of utmost interest for gamers. I can assure you will have a more fascinating gaming experience with the all-new Game Mode Mobile customization. In addition, The frame rate speed has increased by up to 125% and gaming time extended by up to 113% on a single charge due to optimized power consumption, and an overall wi-fi access time increase of 6.7%.
  • Better Snapshots with Extended Capturing Angle: The 13MP triple rear camera allows you to capture beautiful images with more details for the distance and depth. It also comes with a quad flash. The other variant, which is the Infinix Hot 8 LTE, comes with just a 13MP dual camera and flash. The new AI software technology also improves the overall beauty and detail of the resultant images.

How much is the Infinix Hot 8 in Nigeria?

There are two models of the Infinix Hot 8 series, depending on their storage capacity. They include;

  • Infinix Hot 8 (32GB ROM, 2GB RAM)
  • Infinix Hot 8 (32GB ROM, 3GB RAM)

There is just a difference in their RAM storage capacity. The Infinix Hot 8(2GB RAM) is priced at Forty-nine thousand, five hundred naira (N49,500). The other model, the Hot 8(3GB RAM) is priced at Fifty-four thousand, five hundred naira (N54,500).

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