How much is Infinix Hot 10 in Nigeria

The Infinix Hot 10 series is probably the biggest thing in the Hot generation. This particular model has 5 variants. The Infinix Hot 10 comes in variants including;

  • Infinix Hot 10
  • Infinix Hot 10 LITE
  • Infinix Hot 10T
  • Infinix Hot 10 Play G25
  • Infinix Hot 10 Play G35

The fun fact is that all these variants have their unique features, with just minor alikeness. Isn’t that interesting? Or course, it should be. Unfortunately, we will only be discussing the features and price of Infinix Hot 10 itself.

Do you want to get an Infinix Hot 10, but don’t have any idea about the price? If yes, this article was written for you. I will be disclosing the features and price of this spectacular device. Ride with me!

Hot 10 Unique Features

  • Experience the Game Mode Mobile Optimization feature: This customization creates a more fascinating gaming experience, with different modes of quality priority, equilibrium mode, and smooth mode being on offer. Likewise, the frame rate speed has now increased by almost 125% and gaming time extended by up to 113%.
  • Bigger HD+ screen: With the new 6.78″HD+ large screen, you can enjoy a better cinematic experience. It has a resolution of up to 720×1640. Also, the back is crafted with laser engraving to create a visual perception of interlaced light and shadow.
  • Bigger Battery to satisfy your usage experience: With the 5200mAh battery, this device is induced with a longer battery life enhanced by Infinix’s unique hardware power-saving technology. Now you can say goodbye to the embarrassment of low battery shutdown.
  • 16MP Quad rear camera: Unlike the Hot 10 LITE, having a triple rear camera, the Infinix Hot 10 has a Quad rear camera. Also, it comes with a super night view mode for taking perfect shots at night. It also has an 8MP front camera and an AI smart beautification with a wide-angle.
  • DTS Audio Processing and Music party mode: Thanks to DTS audio processing technology, you can level up the sound effect to entertain yourself more. Customize your personalized sound effects to enjoy better sound quality experiences in movies, music, and gaming at any time.

How much is Infinix Hot 10?

So how much can you get an Infinix Hot 10? I will disclose the price here. Over time, I have been seeing different prices of the Infinix Hot 10 online, but they are not a bit close to correct.

If you are looking for how much exactly you can get an Infinix Hot 10, then you should read this. However, the price you will see here is only an average price and not a fixed price.

The Infinix HOT 10(64GB ROM, 3GB RAM) costs N81,000 on average. You might encounter prices slightly higher or lesser than this price, but remember this is just an average price. Different sellers have different prices.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your dream phone! From these features that I have mentioned, you will also agree with me that it is worth the price.

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