How Much Is Hennessy In Nigeria?

Looking for the latest price of Hennessy in Nigeria, read on to find out.

It would be challenging to write on the current price of Hennessy in Nigeria without smiling at the echo of AG baby’s (Adekunle Gold) “Hennessy 250; Ko ma lo ni titi” in mind.

But, before you go by the lyrics and prepare an insane budget of N250k for your next Hennessy, please read to the end of this post to find out the actual amount it’ll cost you to purchase the Cognac brandy.

Hennessy in Nigeria is an example of affordable luxury usually available in clubs, lounges, bars, hotels, and wine stores and remains a staple at weddings, birthday parties, group hangouts, etc.

However, the prices of this drink vary as per the size and location you are in the country. Therefore, we will touch on the cost of Hennessy VS, VSOP, XO, etc., as well as their carton prices.

Hennessy prices in Nigeria – All sizes and types

The intent differs when it comes to the prices of an in-demand commodity like Hennessy. While some are searching for the cost of the most expensive Hennessy, others may be looking for the price of the cheapest Hennessy in Nigeria.

But on average, many people often ask about the bottle price of Hennessy VSOP in Nigeria, which costs about N33,000 only, while a carton of 6 bottles is sold for N195,000.

But what about other sizes? Let’s find out.

Henessy VS price in Nigeria

Among other brandy houses with the VS offering, Hennessy VS (Very Special) is the highest priced. Its cost has been calculated to be around 20% higher than Martell VS  and Courvoisier.

The average Nigerian price for buying a bottle of Hennessy VS is N19,000 only. Expect to shell out anywhere between N100,00 and N111,500 for a carton of this, containing six bottles.

Hennessy VSOP price in Nigeria

In terms of hierarchy, the VSOP collection comes directly above the Hennessy VS, and of course, the prices are relatively higher.

To buy a bottle of Hennessy VSOP in Nigeria as we speak, expect to pay at least N33,000. Some exotic bars may list higher pricing, anyway. But that is the ballpark figure.

Meanwhile, it cost around N195,000 to N200,000 to purchase the carton of Hennessy VSOP, which has six bottles in it.

Hennessy XO price in Nigeria

Next up on the line is the Hennessy XO edition which comes to mind when one intends to ‘chill with the big boys!’

This particular cognac collection is significantly higher in price than the offerings mentioned earlier as it boasts an extra old and unique luxury blend from Hennessy.

The bottle price of Hennessy XO in Nigeria starts from N90,000, while the carton price containing six bottles is sold for N525,000 on average.

Wrapping up on Hennessy price in Nigeria

So far, we’ve looked at how much Hennessy cost in the Nigerian market, ranging from its different sizes and carton prices. Note that the location, for example, club, where you purchase the brandy will also influence the cost.

Speaking of locations, other collections of Hennessy cognac are not popular in the Nigerian market, such as Hennessy Paradis and Hennessy Black.

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