How Much Is DNA Test In Nigeria?

After Jamaica, Nigeria is ranked as the country with the highest number of paternity fraud cases, that is, a pretence that a man is a biological and legitimate father.

However, it is no longer news that DNA testing is one of the convenient and reliable methods of finding out the truth.

Due to the increasing number of these cases across the country, many individuals go online to search for information about the process of carrying out DNA testing in Nigeria, particularly to know whether or not they can afford it.

Hence, this post will discuss the current cost of DNA testing in the country, things you should know about the process, and recommended places you can go for such.

Cost of DNA test in Nigerian hospitals

The cost of a DNA test is determined by the type and the techniques required to carry it out. But since the general method which most people enquire about is the paternity test, much focus will be given on that in this regard.

Generally speaking, the current cost of DNA testing in Nigeria is anywhere between N60,000 to N120,000 in most licensed hospitals and clinics. However, if the DNA testing revolves around legal issues, expect to pay around N120,000 to N150,000.

In this light, it is essential to mention that the clinic, lab or hospital where the DNA testing is carried out also influences the price because private ones are usually more expensive.

How does DNA testing work? – Things you should know

As mentioned earlier, DNA testing is an accurate way to determine whether or not a man is the biological father of someone. First of all, it must be carried out in a medical setting, except when the purpose isn’t for legal paternity reasons. In that case, the test kit needed for the process can be purchased from an online or drug store and then carried out at home.

DNA testing, particularly paternity testing, can be done through either blood test samples or cheek swabs. In the former, the blood sample of the potential father is sent to the medical facility and then forwarded to the lab for analysis.

Where to get a DNA test done in Nigeria

If you are thinking of where to do a DNA test in Nigeria, then have your mind at rest as there are many hospitals, clinics, and laboratories that are licensed to do such. You can walk up to any of these facilities and inquire, but you need to have a tangible reason for it.

And from what we’ve learned in recent times, the more pressing and timelier the issue around paternity testing is, the higher the price is likely to surge.

With the information above, you now have an estimate and the range of costs that you should expect to be charged.


Even as DNA testing has become a popular health care service in Nigeria today, there are numerous reasons why individuals want to carry out the test, and a paternity test is a common reason.

If you have considered this, you must have a scope of the cost so that you can discern when you are overcharged or undercharged (indicating incompetency or safety concerns)

If you’ve got any questions on how to go about carrying out a DNA test anywhere in Nigeria, feel free to indicate that in the comments, as I’d be there to reply.

Thanks for reading.


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