How Many Geo-Political Zones are in Nigeria

During the Regime of Late General Sani Abacha, means to distribute resources equally amongst all the states of the country were being looked out for. Hence the reason why the country was splitter into Geo-Political zones.

A Geo-Political zone is an administrative division of Nigeria. Geo-Political zones were created in Nigeria simply for the effective allocation of resources. When it was time to share educational, economic, and political resources across the country, they were sent to the heads of the Geo-Political zones, which are then sent out to the member states.

From the name, Geo, you might think that the zones were carved out as regards their geographic location, but they weren’t. During the organization of the Geo-Political zones in Nigeria, states with similar ethnic groups and/or common political history were classified in the same zone.

Imagine a country with over 400 ethnic groups, and 450 languages, distribution of resources will never be simple. The allocation will never be effective. There will be situations where some will get more than or even lesser than others. So, there was a need for the government to merge similar ethnic groups for effective allocation of resources.

Do you want to know how many Geo-Political zones these groups were classified into? If yes, this article will be of great help. You will not only be exposed to how many Geo-Political zones are in the country but also the states in each Geo-Political zone.

How many Geo-Political zones do we have in the Country?

Over time, many people have misplaced the terms Geo-Political zones and Cardinal points for each other. The reason is that the names of Geo-Political zones have been carved out from cardinal points. However, they are different from each other.

Remember that Geo-Political zones were not created based on their geographic location, but instead based on similar ethnic groups and languages. There are 6 Geo-Political zones in Nigeria. They include;

  • North Central
  • North-East
  • North-West
  • South-South
  • South-East, and;
  • South-West

These are the six Geo-Political zones in the country. The whole thirty-six states are grouped into these six zones. Further classification is;

North Central (Consists of 6 states and the FCT):

  • Federal Capital Territory
  • Benue
  • Kogi
  • Kwara
  • Nasarawa
  • Plateau
  • Niger

North East (Consists of 6 States):

  • Adamawa
  • Bauchi
  • Borno
  • Gombe
  • Taraba
  • Yobe

North West (Consists of 7 States):

  • Jigawa
  • Kaduna
  • Kano
  • Kastina
  • Kebbi
  • Sokoto
  • Zamfara

South-South (Consists of 6 States):

Popularly regarded as the Niger Delta region. It comprises states rich in oil.

  • Akwa Ibom
  • Bayelsa
  • Rivers
  • Cross River
  • Delta
  • Edo

South East (Consists of 5 States):

  • Abia
  • Anambra
  • Ebonyi
  • Enugu
  • Imo

South West (Consists of 6 States):

  • Lagos
  • Ekiti
  • Info
  • Osun
  • Oyo
  • Ogun

Presently, there are many groups and individuals in the country including the Afenifere Renewal Movement canvassing that the six Geo-Political zones be recognized in Nigeria’s constitution and be strengthened to function as federating units in the new structure for Nigeria.

There have been lots of backings that all sections of the country can only become one entity if the Geo-Political zones are recognized in the constitution. When this is achieved, there might now be four tiers/levels of government. That’s a story for another day.

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