Crescent University School Fee & Acceptance Fee 2022/2023

Crescent University is one of the best universities in Nigeria to study, ranging from mass communication, computer science, nursing, statistics, medicine, electrical engineering, civil engineering, e.t.c. There is an endless list of courses offered in Crescent University that you can study.

However, It’ll take you at least four years to finish a course program in any Nigerian university.

Additionally, before being identified as a university student, you must have paid your Crescent University fee and acceptance rate.

This brings us to the Crescent University school fee and acceptance rate for the 2022 academic session. Hence the question, “How much is Crescent University school fee?”

How much is Crescent University Fee?

The school fee for Crescent University cost exactly between N300,000 – N1, 500,000 for new students and returning students. You’ll be required to pay your school fee for every semester. Failure to do so might result in your inability to participate in the school exams.

How much is Crescent University Acceptance Fee?

The acceptance fee for Crescent University cost N50,000 for academic session 2022/2023.

If the school fee and acceptance rate for the Crescent University above aren’t correct, please do not hesitate to let us know the correct fees by using the comment box below.

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