How Much Is A Bag Of Cement In Nigeria?

Ask any bricklayer who works in Nigeria; they will agree that cement is one of the most volatile building materials in the market. Its prices change very often, to the extent that the location (state) chiefly determines how much it would be sold.

This is part of the reason you can’t easily bank on the estimation any contractor gives you without knowing what the market is saying.

No matter the volume of influence within the demand and supply flow of cement in your area, all bags of cement is never sold for a price that is too far from the standard market price.

Hence, how much does it cost to get a bag of cement in Nigeria as we speak?

We  followed the trend of cost fluctuations to keep tenders and quotations current, and here are our findings:

The latest cost of a bag of cement in Nigeria

At any season, the retail price of a bag of cement in Nigeria is determined by the brand and location, among other factors. But, currently, on average, expect to pay anywhere between N3,600 to N4,000 to get a bag of cement on retail sales.

As for wholesales, the commodity currently costs about N2,100 to N2,400 per bag, depending on purchase factors.

We’ve noticed, though, that bags of cement, when sold in highly-commercialized areas in the country like Lagos, usually cost more than the average price, regardless of the manufacturer. It may be about N200 higher or even more.

Commonly used cement in Nigeria and their current prices

Speaking of manufacturers, you already know many cement producers in Nigeria with their different packaging, quality, and pricing. But, only a few selected ones come to mind when we think of purchasing cement anywhere across the country.

Hence, below is a table showing the list of commonly bought cement in Nigeria and their latest standard price in the market.

Cement Brand Retail Price (50kg Bag) Wholesale Price (600 bags )
Dangote Cement ₦4,100 ₦1,500,000
Lafarge Cement ₦4,000 ₦1,400,000
Ibeto Cement ₦3,950 ₦1,450,000
Ashaka Cement ₦3,900 ₦1,400,00
BUA Cement ₦3,300 ₦1,380,000
Eagle Cement ₦3,500 ₦1,200,000
UNICEM ₦3,850 ₦1,350,000

What determines the price of a bag of cement in Nigeria?

In recent times, the price of cement has not been stable in the Nigerian market; one time, it is relatively affordable; the next minute, you are spending above your budget to get the building material.

But some worrisome factors make the situation remain the way it is right now and might even worsen if the Federal Government folds its arms.

The most important factors to highlight, in this regard, include:

  1. Very expensive to maintain
  2. High cost of distribution, as well other nationwide purchased goods.
  3. No constant power supply to facilitate the production process
  4. Unfavorable governmental policies seem to create a hostile environment for key players and stakeholders to thrive with their products.


Despite these price-determinant factors, the average cost of a bag of cement has never been seen to go very far above the standard market price. It just dances around the ballpark figure as your location and the cement brand.

Now that you know the actual cost of a bag of cement in Nigeria, I hope you now find it easy to make a budget for your next building project with a well-informed thought.

Have a nice day!

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